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Our experts operate on precious materials and not, renewing objects and mobils for a new utilize. We bring to original beauty your objects like: lamps, statuettes, brass beds, hods, plates...

We are specialized into cleaning of metals, grinding, polishing, glazing of different kind of articles in iron, aluminium, inoxidable steel that can have a lucid, semi-lucid and sat finishing. Metal polish can have a lucid, semi-lucid or sat finishing apiece the object on customer preference.

We can offer the cleaning on every kind of metal, like brass, coppering, iron, steel, bronzing, pewter and, final, bring it back to its original state.

We bring back to the original beauty your ancient objects recleaning them and maintaining intact the old bloom which gives to them a lived aspect.

Roughing, sewing of butts and tootsie. Reconstruction of the same or of other missing parts, roughing and lucid semi-lucid and mat with antioxidant treatments.

We repair aged objects in silver. We have a consolidated experience on different silver manufactures, even of great historic-artistic asset.

We also achieve brass baths to give brass yellow color finishing on white metals like antimony iron. Treating the all with antioxidant oven-baked. We achieve repairs with brass sewings and we reconstruct missing parts.

To return lucid back the brass, erasing oxide with some machines, on which spin some brushes used to preparation of brass area, and at the end, if necessary on customer demand, we protect it with an antioxidant treatment.

Our experience permits us to polish all kinds of metal, apiece of cases, we use stell or brass brushes, abrasive butts or special machineries in lapping case.

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