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For this reason we have inflexible rules to guarantee yourself to 100% :
  1. We neither sell or share with external subjects our customers personal info. In any case, to any price.
  2. We protect personal info with the better technologies. The more important databases are physically alone from the exterior.
  3. We only utilize personal info to achieve orders or to offer the better possible service. Not for other.
Here below you can find all the details of our privacy politics. If you need more info, please contact us.
GALVANICA PARTENOPEA picks up on its own client info with three principal instruments:

- Registration form and other forms (for example questionaries, estimations, product comments, etc.) which client spontaneously and formally fill in. these data are necessary in some cases to achieve orders, in other are facultative and they serve to help us offering a more personalized service.

- The “log” of online services, that files all the navigation into the website GALVANICA PARTENOPEA in automatic and transparent way for user. These data are picked for security reasons but also to offering suggestions and aimed proposals based on customer interests.

- Return data from emails and from direct communications which we periodically send to our logged customers.

La GALVANICA PARTENOPEA utilizes a “cookie” without expiration to recognize client when enter into the website and then propose them a personalized experience.

Il “Cookie” GALVANICA PARTENOPEA can be cancelled following the normal process foreseen into the latest browsers. Anyway we don’t suggest the cancelation, because it reduces our capacity of a better service.

Beyond to “cookie” now described, GALVANICA PARTENOPEA can utilize other temporary “cookies” in some cases, which consent to better control user session ( for example during payment process).

Disabling “cookies” into the browser, some functionalities can result committed, included technical possibility to accept customer orders.

Personal info that we get in are principally utilized for two scopes: achieve your purchase orders and propose to you products and services more adherent to your exigencies, your interests and prospects.

Our personalized proposals are generated by statistical and mathematical calculation which during the time always are more sophisticated and accurate.

Over this, communications that we give to individual client can contain some proposals defined by our dependents who make proposals and control the catalogue.

Totally, info increase during the time permits us to better service level. Considering that it comes during privacy full respect and without risks for client, to visit periodically GALVANICA PARTENOPEA and receive our email is a free and automatic way to help you to do a better shopping.

GALVANICA PARTENOPEA doesn’t share with third parts customer personal data, in none case.
Said clearly, nobody, external to GALVANICA PARTENOPEA, can recognize data, comportment, preferences and other personal info.

GALVANICA PARTENOPEA can, in some cases, transmits to exterior analysis and accreted data, which don’t permit to a third part remounting to the individual customer. For example, we may say to someone that we have 20% of Milan resident clients, but we will never give the individual nominal or address.

This our politic guarantees you to 100% that info about you will never be diffused from GALVANICA PARTENOPEA to its exterior.

Protect our customers is the first component of our success.

For this reason, we invest in technologies and, above all, in persons to combing together active and passive protection, monitor constantly the anomalies, update constantly systems and prevent menaces.

The more sensible info are saved in dedicated systems, that are protected in specific way and alone from the external, only accessible to authorized dependents.

Personal and sensible data are treated into the respect of Italian Privacy low. Manager is Ciro Lanciato, GALVANICA PARTENOPEA director.

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